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4 Important Year-End Tasks

The most common question I hear from my small business clients is “what should I be doing at year end?” The answer to that question would be enormous. So here are the 4 most important...

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4 Reasons To Choose A Professional For Your Tax Returns

Why waste your time trying to figure out the byzantine tax system in this country when you could hire a pro who already understands it?

What Does Filing Status On W-4 Mean?

Q. My payroll person told me that the filing status on the W-4 doesn’t necessarily mean the same thing as my marital status.  Is that true?  What is filing status? A. Yes,...

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Where Do I Send My Withholding?

Q. Where do I send the Social Security, Medicare and Federal taxes that I take out of my employee paychecks? A. There are two important concepts to understand about remitting your withholding dollars to the...

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Confusing Payroll Deductions on my Paystub

Q.  I see a lot of deductions on my paystub.  How can I tell what they are for? A.  This is a top 10 question I get from my readers.  In the interest...

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Make It The Best Job Ever!

“I have the best job ever!”  Can your employees say that?  From an employer’s perspective, a company full of happily motivated employees is a dream.  Satisfied employees are more productive and produce better...

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Is It Your Passion, or a Job?

When I interview candidates for open positions at Symmetry Software, I always ask, “What is the perfect job for you?”  It’s interesting how few candidates are prepared for that question.  If I...

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How Many W-4 Allowances?

Q. Can a person claim more dependents or allowances on their W-4 in order to increase take-home amount and then declare an accurate number on 1040?  If over payment is expected and then a refund is due,...

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Debits and Credits Revisited

One of my passions is helping people understand that accounting is really not that difficult.  When presenting financial information during board meetings, or to a CEO, or to one of my small business clients, I get one of two reactions.  First is one of fear that what is being...

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Finally! A Taxpayer Bill of Rights.

Last week, the Internal Revenue Service adopted what it is calling the “Taxpayer Bill of Rights.”  The themes found in the list exist throughout the tax code created by Congress.  Essentially, the IRS has grouped all of these into a single document and adopted them as a guide for...

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